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Learning Profile

When thinking about how students learn best, understanding their learning profile is essential.  A student's learning profile interacts with four aspects: Learning Style, Intellegence Preference, Gender, and Culture. 

Learning style—a preferred contextual approach to learning.  Learning styles include working alone or with a partner, in a quiet place or with music playing, in a bright room or a darkened environment, while sitting still or moving around. Differentiating by Learning Modality can be useful.

Intelligence preference—a hard-wired or neurologically shaped preference for learning or thinking.  For example, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Sternberg’s Triachic Theory of Intelligences. 

—approaches to learning that may be shaped genetically or socially for males versus females.  While not all males (or females) learn in the same ways, there are gender-based patterns of learning, and it may be advantageous to utilize teaching and learning options that reflect a range of gender-based preferences while we continue to enhance our understanding of ways in which gender and learning are interrelated.

Culture—approaches to learning that may be strongly shaped by the context in which an individual lives and by the unique ways in which people in that context make sense of and live their lives.   As they do between genders, patterns of learning vary somewhat across cultures, but it is not the case that all individuals from a given culture approach learning in the same way.   Teachers should provide a range of teaching and learning approaches that, in turn, reflect a range of culture-based learning preferences.

Source: Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom by Carol Ann Tomlinson & Marcia B. Imbeau




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